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Hospital is good and one of the trusted hospital in Santacruz.
Thanks to this hospital for treating my as their own....really it's an amazing hospital with family care and friendly service, thanks a lot.
The way of the doctors treating is very high and excellent. Really this kind of hospital is nice and good. The staff and house keeping staff is also very kind and humble to us. Thank you administration staff and management staff for helping us in all the area. V r very happy by this hospital.❤️😊💯

- Altaf Sayyed

One of the best hospital in santacruiz. All Doctors and staff are cooprative with the family Care and friendly treatment. Thanks top Dr Sudedhna madam , Dr Sadaf madam and Dr Abid sir for helping my familywith the good reasonable rate of my fathers operation. This is the best hospital in Mumbai and all the very best to this hospital in future. God bless with more blessings. And its my responsible to send the patient to the hospital for the best treatment.

- Prasad Jagtap

Hospital has taken good care of patient. Cleanliness is good, general wards are quite spacious and kept clean. Nurses and doctors did great job of listening to patients need. And reception staff are very good in all the area very quick response in caring the patient and billing and all. Thanks to this Benz Family and the management team.

- Sneha Tarfe

I'm the son of Pt Suresh Ghanekar, I would like to thank this hospital for my father's treatment and operation which was done very successfully, the facilities of this hospital is very nice.
The staff and the doctors are very polite in their profession and the hospital is very clean and neat always.
Thanks to the hospital and Dr sudeshna madam and Dr Akansha madam. For fathers operation doing good.

- Sachin Ghanekar

Hi every one,
Ok the relative of the patient Mr TANAJI CHOUDHARI, would like to say the Word Thanks to this Benz Hospital because my father was suffering from Cancer from many years and doctors suggested us for the operation and we came to this hospital and done with the operation. The operation was so successful done that my whole family was happy by looking at my father. Really it's a god's blessings to my father and our family, that we have choosen the best hospital in Mumbai which is very cooperative, friendly environment and lovely care of the patients. This hospital deserves the best award. It's a best ever hospital with excellent management team highly professional staff with politely manner housekeeping staff. We are very happy with this hospital and all the doctors and all the management staff and all the nursing staff and all the housekeeping staff. Thank u to the Benz Hospital.

- Vasai Jansagar news

Hello Good evening, I'm the relative of the Patient Mr Jawed , we have done my brother's cancer surgery in this Benz Hospital, and our treatment doctor was Dr Sudeshna Madam, she is and excellent surgeon and nice treatment done over here, all the staff are very good and excellent. Hospital is very clean and tidying all the time.
Thank you so much Dr Sudeshna madam
and Dr Abid Sir for your well cooperative with us.
thank you f so much Benz Hospital and all the staff

- Mukul Ali

Hi,,, everyone my patient was admitted in this hospital for the cancer treatment and operation was done successfully completed। It is really nice hospital which we never i have seen in Mumbai,,,,i have great experience of my patient who was operated by Dr Sudeshna madam and Dr Tushar Pawar they are excellent doctors who God to my father realy it's amazing। The hospital is nice and 24into7 im very happy to visit this hospital and do our treatment, thanks to benz hospital, all the staff who helped us in serving us and all the management team who all the was with us। Thanks for all

- Shailesh Yadav

Thank you so much for this service which we got from this Benz Hospital, I’m very glad and pleased to get my wife admitted over here and she was done by cesarian and we got a babe girl by gods grace 😊 We are very thankful for this hospital for this staff and all the management team who all are in this Benz hospital. I wish all the best to this hospital for the wonderful growth

- Shanawaz Khan

Thank you so much for this Benz hospital with well cooperative and well success as my wife was admitted in the hospital and she first gynecologist under doctor nilofer madam treated my wife as her own sister and my wife give birth to the baby girl.....the much appreciation goes to OT staff for the excellence in their job....and all the staff are amazing in their profession.
Thank you so much for this hospital.....

- Sushant Pataskar

Excellent hospital and good care of my patient , my wife was admitted over here. She was admitted for three days. She was very sick and suffering from with the hernia problem. She was undergoing through the surgery under Dr Bharat Kamat and I was not referred by anyone but directly I called on the reception and the receptionist guided me with the proper care and with proper medication so that it was very easy to find out this hospital so I would like to thank to the receptionist people for their excellent service to us and specially to all the doctors and nursing staff for the Welcare. When though my wife is very old but then so they took care with the proper as the friendly and family environment. I thank each and every staff over here and I specially thank to the nursing staff and housekeeping staff always and all the time there was very excellent cleaning and tidy . DoneThank You Benz . And I would like to give hundred percent to this hospital.

- Parshottam Rohera

I myself Nisha Jadav, from Wasai....
With the great heartedly I would like to thank you the Benz Hospital team for you well care and support , it was totally family environment over here, and I'm very happy with the services which is been given by the nursing staff and all the doctors, so that we would ever be thankful for the kind of your act . Thank you Benz Hospital and all the Admin team. Thanks a lot.🤗

- Nisha Jadav

Thank you so much when hospital for your wealth treatment and excellent care of mine and my operation was well done in successful manna thankyou Dr Hitesh sensor and all the and all the staff of this hospital even the housekeeping staff is an amazing and excellent thank you so much bands hospital thankyou doctor Dr Abid bhai for your cooperation

- Salim Shaikh

My daughter sanvi was admitted in benz hospital for treatment I m very very thankful to all the staff and facilities provided by benz hospital
It was unexpected that my daughter would get well soon
Thank you so much for the support and blessings I received from benz hospital
My wishes to benz hospital for reaching the height of success and soon will come to know that benz hospital is one of the best hospital in India.

- Pooja Soni Soni

Very well co-op. From doctors to staff and reception everyone is well mannered and service is superb.I recommend everyone to visit and exp the same service. Thank you so much for this well going good excellent service special thanks to the doctors and sisters and special thanks to the management team and reception team who helped us in all the areas in waiting area also. And specially is a very great pleasure to thank all the housekeeping staff for their well cleanliness and very excellent tidiness thank you were housekeeping staff thank you so much thank you doctor financer for recommending this excellent.

- Sharjil Memon

Thank you benz hospital for your treatment , I would like to give 100% to this hospital for the excellent treatment with the family environment. Thank you for all the team of benz hospital. My dad is totally cured with your treatment. Thanks a lot. 😍

- Abdul Wahab Shaikh

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