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14 Years Experience in this field.

Well versed with glaucoma functional investigational modalities including Humphreys field analyzer, Frequency doubling perimetry, Octopus perimetry, Heidelberg edge perimetry. Adequate experience with glaucoma structural imaging using Optical coherence tomography and Heidelberg retinal tomography .

Extensive experience in laser surgical procedures including Nd: YAG laser capsulotomy and iridotomy, Argon laser iridoplasty and suturolysis, Diode selective laser trabeculoplasty and Diode laser cyclophotocoagulation. Surgical experience in cataract includes extracapsular cataract extraction, small incision cataract surgeries and clear corneal phacoemulsification procedures.

Also well experienced in glaucoma surgical procedures, having performed trabeculectomies (MMC augmented & Ologen), small incision combined trabeculectomies, combined phacotrabeculectomies & glaucoma shunt surgeries.

OPD/Enquiry-022 26491100

NICU-022 26491200

Emergency-022 26491700

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